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We are collecting watches for many year. We hope that your share this hobby with us. Old watches are a lot of fun and a good investment as well.

About Table-Based Templates

This FrontPage web template is designed using "fixed width" table cells which are designed to remain centered on the viewer's screen. While these pages will view well at a resolution of 800x600, they will also be displayed equally well at resolutions 1024x768 and higher. If you are new to templates, please read this page carefully.

All table-based templates have very strict parameters. If you drag or move any table borders, the table or cell will be "resized" incorrectly and will become set to a fixed size rather than the pre-designed fluid width. As you edit your pages and move or drag a border, immediately click on the "undo" button and then attempt your changes again.

Redesigning an existing web site? Our templates are full of tips to make it easy.

Redesign Tip: If you are using this template to redesign an existing site, it is still necessary to create a new web using the template. Once your new web is created, you will simply copy your content from your old web, one page at a time, into your new web. Double-check to ensure that all of your information such as hyperlinks, form information, images, etc. is correct.

When you change a file name, you want to be sure of two things: Change the Page Title by right clicking on an empty area of the page. Select Page Properties from the list. Locate the Title Box and insert the text. The File Name should end with .htm or .html and should have no spaces or special characters. You can change the file name within the folders view. Right-click on the name and select Rename.

External Style Sheet

This template uses an external style sheet to set link colors, font size and color, and all colors and images used within the various table cells. This style sheet also makes it possible for you to have the mouse-over effect for your text links at the top and bottom of each page. If you wish to make changes, open the "css" file from your folder list. We recommend you make a copy of the original style sheet before making any changes.

Style Sheets and Classes

Each table cell within this template uses a CSS class to format the information contained within it. You can find which class was used by right-clicking in a table cell and selecting Cell Properties. In the window that appears, click on the Style Button. Under "Class" you will see the name of the name of the class we used.