What do I need to publish a site?

Since all web sites have a unique name, you will need a "domain name" which you can purchase by the year. Next you will need a "web host" who supports the FrontPage server extensions. You can normally buy server space by the month or by the year. Some companies even offer free web hosting. Once those are complete, you can publish your FrontPage web to its new home.

Who needs server extensions?

Actually, FrontPage will work quite well without the server extensions. But in order to use the "publish" feature and any item found within the "components" list such as Table of Contents, Forms, Hit Counter, etc., server extensions are necessary. If you are using FrontPage, it just makes sense to take advantage of all it has to offer and find a web host who offers and supports these server extensions.

Can I get this template in a different colors?

This template package is offered "as is". We are unable to change the template colors or main graphic images upon request.  If you wish modifications, such as a different main image or different colors, please contact us for information and pricing.

Need more help?

  • Take advantage of the FrontPage help files. They contain information on how to perform most of the tasks available within FrontPage.
  • Buy a book on your FrontPage version.
  • Join a FrontPage users group such as those that can be found at Yahoo groups.
  • Check our Help Center.